Meal Prep Made Simple!

In our day to day lives we find ourselves overwhelmed with work, social obligations, personal responsibilities, etc. and quite honestly that can create a pretty big stress in our lives. And we still want to try and get fit. So we rush to the gym, make sure we get a good sweat in and run back to our busy lives, cook dinner for ourselves/families and do it all over the next day. We continue to €œtry€ to eat healthy, but definitely don't meal prep because that would be too time consuming. When in reality this couldn't be farther from the truth. If you're a person that is already taking the time to cook every dinner, then you're consuming more time doing that then by meal prepping, plus the clean up every time. Meal prepping is not just some bodybuilding ritual, it's a great way to actually be more efficient with your time and your healthy lifestyle. See when we meal prep only a few items we can drastically increase our success up to 50%. Instead of leaving your success in the hands of your day to day hustle, now you're taking control! Because when we don't have food and on the go snacks readily available we are much more likely to choose an unhealthy item at the closest most convenient location (and sometimes we don't even enjoy that food, it's just convenient, which in my opinion is the worst feeling). Meal prep isn't all about spending hours and hours in the kitchen, it can simply start with packing healthy, nutrient dense snacks throughout the day. And since I'm all about the small steps method, just start with that. I encourage you to start with just packing a healthy snack everyday (one that you actually like) and with that simple step you'd have increased your success rate up to 25%. You honestly don't even have to think about cooking yet if the mere thought of it makes you stressed. Start with a healthy snack, and with that small practice you will notice how your willingness to prep will change. Then when you're ready to take it to the next level, you start to cook! Even then start small, just prep your veggies. Now, you don't have to stress what you're going to eat for dinner anymore since you can cook any protein under 20 minutes and combine with your prepped veggies. I make it super simple and cook all of my veggies the exact same way: Chop them up Marinate them in a combination of spices you like for 15 minutes, such as salt, pepper, avocado oil, oregano, and sometimes cayenne Cook at 415 degrees for 15-25 (depending on the veggie). The great thing about that is you can cook 4 different veggies in an hour and pack them separately in Tupperwares. You can mix and match your protein/veggie combo and not get bored of the same thing. Ready to take it a step further? Grab your favorite recipe and make it in bulk! Stews, stir-frys, salads, chilis & soups are perfect meal prep bulk staples. But you can simply make any favorite dish in bulk and bring it to work for lunch or use for this weeks' dinners. I've got tons of recipes that I incorporate into my meal prep that you can check out under the Healthy Recipes Section. And again, it does not need to be perfect. If you've only made enough to last for 3 lunches or 3 dinners that week, it's fine! You still prepped for more meals than you ever have before. The key is to take small steps with this stuff and eventually it will feel like routine. Meal prep is not the only way to reach your goals, it's really not. I teach various methods depending on the individuals lifestyle that will best suit them. However, if you're looking to actually eat healthier, not just reach a number on a scale, then yes meal prep is necessary. Start with these small steps to success!