What About Detox?

In today's western American society, we are exposed to roughly 80,000 chemicals and toxins. Whether it be your cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning supplies, hair products, medications, air pollutants, water supply, candles, air fresheners, and even the food that we eat, you name it, we're exposing ourselves to these harmful substances on a daily basis. Now, it's impossible to eliminate ourselves from every possible toxic chemical out there, unless we live in a bubble for the rest of our lives. But how can we create a healthier, less toxic environment for ourselves today? Why should we detox the body in the first place? Doesn't my body naturally detoxify itself? What does a efficient detox program even look like? Can a solid detox program really transform my metabolism, energy and overall well being? These are all valid questions we should all ask ourselves since we are constantly inundated with the environmental toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. In today's day and age we are often overworked, overstressed and under recovered. Now, let's think about how we're fueling our bodies to perform like the machines they were destined to be. Are we eating meals packed with healthy vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, EFA's (essential fatty acids), Amino Acids, etc.? Or are we going to the corner store for our lunch grabbing the quickest on-the-go option so we can keep up with our demanding fast paced lifestyle? Probably, the latter. So, let's talk about a few reasons why we should detox a few times a year and how that can benefit our productivity, health and overall well being. More Energy Wouldn't it be nice to wake up in the morning and truly feel reenergized, regenerated and ready to tackle a new day with less effort? An appropriate detox program educates you on fueling your body with the proper nutrition that entails REAL, WHOLE FOODS, high protein content, and the elimination of highly inflammatory foods(Wheat/gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, peanuts, and sugar, just to name a few). 2. Improved Digestive Function Wouldn't it be nice to have more regular bowel movements? If you're daily intake consists of highly processed foods, low protein and fat content, unnatural fiber sources, you are most likely having some difficulties from time to time with removing toxins on a regular basis. Constipation can be a huge indicator that your GI tract is not filtering out toxins efficiently and is creating an unhealthy gut biome. When your gut biome is predominately bad bacteria, it can actually create barriers from healthy vitamins, minerals, etc. being absorbed into the system. The right detox program restores your healthy gut flora too! 3. Enhanced Fat Loss Toxins are attracted to body fat and stick to the fat cells, the more body fat you have, the more toxic load you carry. During a detox program it is quite common to find yourself feeling fatigued, rundown, etc., this is your body eliminating the toxins into the blood stream from the fat cells in preparation to eliminate it through sweat or waste. The proper detox program supports healthy and safe fat loss so it is sustainable. I always tell my clients, if you are starting a detox program with the goal of losing weight, that is not the right reason for detoxing.” Although, weight/fat loss may be a result of the program it should not be the goal. Simply because if you revert back to the same processed foods you were eating prior, you are just going to gain the weight back and that detox process was not time well spent. A detox program should be the start of healthier lifestyle habits by cleansing and rebooting the body. 4. Improved Cognitive and Brain Function After a detox program you will feel a sense of clarity. Your brain fog, lack of memory, and poor mood will dissipate. Now that you are properly fueling your brain, organ and hormone function your body and mind will feel regenerated and you are more likely to feel happier and mindful during/after a detox program. Just to recap, the difference between an effective and ineffective detox program is this, an effective program will educate you about environmental exposures and inflammatory foods, contain a preparation and restorative(reintroduction) period, consist of high protein and fiber rich foods, allow for actual meals throughout the program, and last but not least, provide pharmaceutical grade supplements that support liver detoxification, as well as, gut flora regeneration. On the contrary, an ineffective detox program will restrict ones diet to only shakes and juices, eliminate high sources of protein, provides a limited amount of foods to select from, leaves you feeling hungry and unsatisfied with your intake, and lasts for a very brief amount of time. Post detox you will feel more energized, experience a better nights sleep, retain less fluid and feel less bloated/puffy, notice a clearer complexion, decrease in body fat percentage and improve in cognitive function and mood. It's a great way to restart your health and get back on track. CLICK HERE to get your DTOX Program today!