“ It’s not about perfect. it’s about effort...
and when you bring that effort every single day that’s when the transformation happens.
That’s when change occurs. ”

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Sheva K.

36 Years old

As a busy working professional, I used to think it was hard to make time for myself to workout. I was eating more than I needed to and not the right things because of my lifestyle. I started realizing I was gaining weight and clothes became uncomfortable and tight. I looked at myself in the mirror one day I realized I needed a change for ME. That's when I met Samantha. She is so nice, kind, and understanding. I felt comfortable sharing with her my concerns and goals. She taught me a lot about how to make better food choices. She is very knowledgable and knows my body type. She has designed programs that are fun, challenging, and different. I love my one on one work out sessions as well as the work out plans provided to me when we don't meet. Although at times I have been inconsistent due to my work schedule, she has always encouraged me. The results I've seen in the past few months are amazing! I fell so much better, more confident and I am excited to work out more. Seeing the results are motivating for me to work even harder and to continue to work with Samantha. not only is she a fantastic person, but she has changed my life in such a positive way! I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to work with her and I am looking forward to continuing to keep working with her!


38 years old

Lane Hess

52 years old

Sam has been a big part of my life since I signed up for the 60 Day Challenge in February 2018. Sam helped me set realistic longterm goals for both fitness and nutrition. She is as invested in me and my success as I am! Its never easy to lay it all out there. but Sam hat been incredibly positive and encouraging every step of way. I have lost 20 pounds of fat, shredding my visceral fat level from a level 12 in a level 5 on the InBody. The workouts Sam gives me are challenging but doable. She is diligent in teaching me proper form, always making suer 1 understand she body mechanics and proper techniques. ! think 1 have learned the most from my nutrition tomato with Sam. She set me straight on maximizing my nutritional intake while carefully monitoring my macros. This was the game changer for me in reaching my goals and helping me gain strength. I feel better and stronger than I have in 20 years!

Michelle Billeci

42 years old

Jenny S.

34 years old

Jesse Diaz

48 years old

Nina B.

56 years old

Pamella McCallen

64 years old

Samantha has a wonderful caring personality and wants us to understand and learn works for our body and what doesn't she's very passionate about her clients and truly loves sharing and our victories

Julie Marie

30 years old

Sam is absolutely AMAZING! She is inspiring and extremely motivating. Above all, she's very supportive and accommodating. Because of her I understand things about food and nutrition that I never even thought of before. Thank you Sam got always giving me 100 percent and never giving up on my journey. You are the best!

Vinni Chen

43 years old

Paul L.

53 years old

Nadine Osorio

34 years old

Sam was the first personal trainer I've ever had and what a great experience it was, What I appreciated most was that she on ensuring proper formation and that lone shows that she cares about her her clients. Sam was always available when I had any questions and always so encouraging. Just from our first conversation, I could tell that she's extremely knowledgeable in health/wellness/nutrition and loves what she does - which encourages me to want to want to work even harder. Would highly recommend!

Lauri Giamella

32 years old

Working with Samantha has changed my life! Her program is individualized, taking into account my very busy schedule of working 60+ hours and difficulty fitting in time for meal planning throughout the week. Samantha's knowledge in her field matched with her genuine compassion are definitely what sets her apart. Highly recommended!!

Jen DeBolt

46 years old

Sam has been a game changer to my fitness routine and mindset! I have some injuries that prevent me from working out certain areas/muscle groups and Sam is patient and makes sure I still have a total body workout, concentrating on the 90% that I can do and ensuring I don't aggravate any of areas that I need to avoid. If you are looking for a great coach, please don't look further! Sam is dedicated, passionate and truly cares about her clients and their results. Thanks for everything Sam!!

Kiana Hayden

36 years old

I've been working with Sam for over two years and she has helped me with my Physical as well as mental health. She is so good at what she does and has a great knowledge of nutrition and exercies. I struggle with depression and bad eating habits. Sam never shames me or makes me feel bad when I slip up, she only encourages me to shake it off and keep moving forward. She is patient and will make customized plans to help me succeed in my goals. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is ready to make healthy change in their life and needs someone to push them.

Jill Woyles-Wiseman

51 years old

Samantha is so awesome and has so much knowledge!. She helped me tremendously and I highly recommend joining her 7 Day Metabolic Breakthrough Challenge. You will learn so much from her an dit will help you get on track with your health and fitness goals and to continue on the right path. Thank you so much Sam for everything! You are so amazing!xheartx

Tayler Friedel Tarriges

30 years old

I love working out with Sam. She really pushes me to get my form perfect because she knows that I can. She is so knowledgeable about both food and exercised. She encourages me every time to keep up or to get back into good eating habits. She has given me the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle even with being super busy teaching and coaching I would highly recommend Sam if you are looking for help with nutrition or exercise!

Nick Machalari

38 years old

When it comes to nutrition and body sculpting there are very people I know that have more knowledge than Samantha. Extremely attentive to her clients and generally cares about each and every one of them. Helping people achieve their fitness goals is clearly Samantha's obsession and I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to make a dramatic positive change in their health. 10/10

Helen Ellis

55 years old

I had the good fortune of meeting Samantha about five months ago. Immediately I knew I was in good hands! Due to Samantha's positive reinforcement, wisdom and patience I have continued to commit to the chagnes and challenges she coaches. This is the first time I have enjoyed the fitness journey as much as the results! Samantha has changed and probably saved my life. I appreciate her genuine care and compassion in my evolving self-improvement! She is simply the best!

Melany Lang

37 years old

I worked with Samantha after my hip surgery and a battle with inflamation and muscle imbalances. Samantha was very knoweleable about strengthening and supporting muscle groups to enable proper hip function. She patiently worked with me and pushed me to appropriate limits when i didn't think I was capabile of doing more. She made it possible for me to work around my injuries and limitaitons and still get incredible, quick restuls. Her nutritional counseling was invaluable in helping me recreate lean muscle mass.

Crystal Gordan

30 years old

Samantha is the best! I started working with her last year to get me in shape for my wedding. She not only helped me with my fitness but also my nutrition! With her guidance and support I was not only wedding ready but have become generally more healthy, consistent, and fit! She really listens to my needs and motivates me to work harder.

Crystal Makridis

36 years old

Samantha is a very excellent, caring, and knowledgable trainer. She gives great nutrition advice and meal options to those of who find eating well almost impossible. She has also been very patient and understanging while I go through the difficult time of quitting smoking by offering healthy food and activity substitutions. I feel extremely fortunate to have Samantha in my life and know with her by my side I'll continue to not only meet my nutrition goals, but surpass them. Thanks Sam!!

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