My Story

My Story

Samantha Sufiyan, Fitness Professional & Nutrition Coach, has a passion and drive for anything and everything that is health and fitness.  Sufiyan is certified as a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach, NASM Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Instructor Olympic Strength & Conditioning Coach, Metabolic Technician, as well as a Prenatal/Postpartum Instructor.  Samantha believes in coaching clients through their individual lifestyle choices and habits to create a more positive healthy well balance.   She finds such immense joy in paving the path for each client to reach their goals and allows them to discover both their mental and physical strength.   Understanding how challenging it can be to transform your body and life on your own, she speaks of her journey.

“Growing up I wasn’t always the healthy eater I am today. My day usually began with a bowl of sugary cereal, a sandwich & chips for lunch, and either a heaping bowl of pasta or some fried food for dinner. I had no concerns with my health until I started noticing how drastically my body had been changing.  I was quickly packing on the pounds!  It felt as if it was an overnight transition that I had developed serious GI issues and severe sensitivities to a plethora of foods.  After countless trips to the gastroenterologist, I knew I had to make a significant lifestyle change, one that was free of prescriptions & medications.  I began by creating small behavioral changes to my lifestyle, whether it was working on adding one healthier meal to my day or focusing on eliminating dairy, added sugars or wheat, something I became highly sensitive to.  I continued that habit until it became a part of my everyday lifestyle. Understanding that everything we do in life is simply a form of habit, if we can focus on changing just one habit at a time we will have eventually, overtime, successfully transformed our lifestyle into a healthy one.”


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My Mission

My mission is and always has been to inspire and educate those around me to live healthier, happier lives.  I find such joy in helping others whether its decreasing their cholesterol or blood pressure, increasing posture and mobility, educating those on how to properly lose body fat and gain muscle mass, or just allowing one to redevelop their confidence and self love. To be able to significantly impact a magnitude of individuals will forever be the focus of Simply Nutritious & Fit.

My Philosophy

I understand that developing a successful lifestyle change takes much more than implementing small behavioral changes at a time.  It vastly depends on our psychological state and perspective on change, our social support and our overall readiness to change. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to fitness and nutrition coaching. Since all individuals lead different lives, their journey and approach must be unique to them. After your initial consultation, a program will be developed that authentically fits your lifestyle, mindset and goals.  We all live in this one body, shouldn’t we at least understand how it works?