How To Stay On Track While Traveling!

We’ve all said that phrase before, I’m on vacation! In reality, those three little words mean, I’m going to eat whatever I want, drink whatever I want, move as little as I want, etc.” and not feel guilty about it.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with letting loose and having a little fun, but the truth of the matter is that those 5-7 or maybe more days of guilt-free living turns into a healthy lifestyle gone disarray.  We notice we have such a more difficult time getting back into our routine after having done nothing that closely emanates the healthy lifestyle we’ve been working on so hard on for  2, 3 or 10+ months.  And getting back into a workout routine after all that time off? Well, to be perfectly honest, it just sucks! So how do we stay on track while traveling without depriving ourselves and being too rigid about our exercise routine? Follow these simple tricks to staying on track:

Pack protein in your suitcase! That’s right! This simple little trick has completely changed the travel game for me! Everywhere I travel, whether it be a weekend getaway or a two week trip to the other side of the world, I always bring my protein. When we travel it is more likely that we have less meals of larger portions in our day with an excessively higher carb percentage and low protein percentage.  So, if we’re maximizing our protein intake through two convenient shakes everyday, we’re minimizing the probability of falling into unnecessary temptations. I like to have my protein shake right when I wake up to get some nutrient in my system before I hit the gym and have a nice breakfast after and then I’ll have another shake right before I head out for the night. But you can have your protein shake whenever it works best for your schedule.  So pack it as a tub or smaller tubberware with a blender bottle next time you travel and notice how it transforms your mindset on the trip.

Pack some healthy bars.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love indulging and experiencing all different types of cuisines when I travel, that’s one of my favorite things to do! However, what I really dislike is feeling forced to eat some unhealthy on-the-go snack because I failed to plan.  And when we’re traveling there are so many more options for convenient carbs than good sources of protein.  So, I started packing some RX Bars in my suitcase.  I absolutely love RX Bars! They’re healthy, convenient, delicious and have a decent ratio of all the macros so you know you’ll definitely be curbing that hunger while you’re walking around all day exploring a new city.  I also started utilizing healthy bars for when I’m in my hotel room and need a quick snack! I found myself getting chips and crackers for the room for snacks which doesn’t actually satiate your hunger. I soon came to the realization that, If I’m going to be eating packaged food in the room and not indulging in delicious cuisine from the culture that we’re in, then it might as well be the healthiest packed food I can find!” And now I bring them every time I fly and it helps keep me on track!
Pack Resistance Bands. These little bands have helped me get in a quick, effective workout throughout every vacation. Resistance bands are completely compact and portable so it really makes it a no brainer to pack them when traveling.  Plus, you can workout literally every body part with resistance bands so it’s definitely a great piece of equipment to utilize when you’re away.
Plan your program around your travel. I like to plan my exercise program around whenever I will be traveling. It’s important to have a deload or a lighter volume week in your program anyway so I just coincide mine with when I’m traveling. In order to do so I maximize my volume as much as possible while I’m home and have the equipment to utilize.  When I’m vacationing I’m unsure of what type of equipment the fitness center will have, how far away it is and how small it may be despite what I may read and see on the website.  So, to make the most of my time I leave my bodyweight, movement pattern/mobility work, HIIT and resistance band exercises for when I’m away from home.  All of these exercises I can perform right in the comfort of my own room, balcony or beach depending on where I am.  I like to have fun when I workout on vacation so I look forward to it and I find I’m much less likely to avoid or dread it.  And if the fitness center is close and accessible I’ll check it out and do something I really enjoy.  The way I look at it, we’re probably going to be a little less strict with what we eat and drink throughout the day so if I want to feel accomplished and worthy of those treats then the least I can do is devote at east 45 minutes to a decent workout!

Exercising and eating healthy is usually not apart of our travel plans and I totally understand that.  However, when we’re traveling away from home it’s important for us keep up with our lifestyle even a little bit.  We don’t have to be perfect, and that’s ok! But when we completely throw the towel and and let go of every positive, healthy change that we’ve made so far, it makes it that much harder to get back on track and that much easier for us to stay off track.  So next time you travel stick to these tips and I promise you won’t regret it!

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How Stress is Destroying Your Metabolism

As humans, stress is not only an inevitable aspect of life, but also a vital aspect of life. Stress can play a positive or a negative role in ones life. A positive stress may promote motivation, inspiration, energy, heightened cognition, growth (mental or cellular), and adequate rest and recovery. Whereas a negative stress response may result in feeling overworked, fatigued, weak, depressed, discouraged and uninspired. Cortisol and adrenaline levels during a negative stress response rise resulting in a disruption in an array of metabolic functions such as, instability of blood sugar levels, lowered immune response, sleep patterns, dysfunctional sex hormones and a potential decline in body composition. And these positive and negative stress responses can derive from the same stressor! For instance, a positive and negative response may originate from finances, a career, family, exercise, nutrition, and so on. The question is: How are you responding to the stressors in your life? Are you controlling them or are you letting them control you? As I’ve said prior, we all have stress, it’s a natural part of life. However, it’s our perception and ultimately our decision in how we choose to cope with stress, which in turn will result in how our body deals with it! For instance, one can feel they have a pretty good handle on their stress but their bodies can be telling a completely different story!

I’m sure you’ve heard of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. If stress becomes chronic, cortisol may just be the main culprit as to why you’re having trouble reaching your goals. So, how do you know if your cortisol levels are raising an issue? (Pun intended). High cortisol levels are heavily correlated to being more of a Night Owl, feeling tired and wired, perspiring easily, having the inability to get going in the morning, or experiencing high sugar cravings. On the other hand, low cortisol levels are heavily correlated to having low blood pressure, difficulty staying asleep, dizziness/lightheadedness when standing up too quickly or having high salt cravings. Either of these portray an imbalance in cortisol levels and indicate that stress is in need of proper management. And if those symptoms seem a bit ambiguous there’s always these Top 4 Symptoms to let you know your cortisol levels are out of wack!

Stubborn Belly Fat, a number one indication of cortisol imbalance. The stress hormone is infamous for directing fat to the midsection when levels are imbalanced. As I’ve said prior, even if we think we have a good handle on our stress but our bodies might say different relates to the issue of stubborn belly fat. The level of stress in which you are used to or seems very normal, may not be as normal as you think. Sit down for a moment and think of what you’re daily stressors look like. Do you spend most of the days with something to do every minute on the minute? Are your stress levels high the minute you wake up? Is it constant? Are you able to turn off? Although this may seem like a typical day in the life for you, this is a perfect recipe for chronic stress and imbalanced cortisol levels.

Uncontrollable Eating, another vivd example of stress. Are you craving salts and sugars all the time? When we’re overly stressed, our cortisol increases our blood sugar levels to provide the energy it mistakenly thinks we need. See cortisol produces this fight or flight response when we experience stress. Whether you’re in a safari running from a lion for dear life or you’re stuck at your computer freaked out about a deadline that’s due, cortisol responds the same. It produces the adrenaline and energy levels. Now, can you predict how that can cause an issue? Let’s think about the latter. If you’re sitting at a computer stressed out about a deadline for work, do you really need the same amount of energy you would if you were physically running away from a lion? Absolutely not! However, your body does not know the difference, therefore you are left with this residual adrenaline. Since your body did not physically burn off the energy in the fight or flight situation it perceived you were in, you are now craving sugary carbohydrates to refuel. Best practice here is to be prepared for times like these and refuel with protein to help stay satisfied and diminish cravings!

Chronic Inflammation. If this this defines your body in its present state, then yes, there is definitely an imbalance with cortisol and stress hormones. Inflammation is a natural process in which the body responds to injury or infection. The immune system recognizes the damaged cells, irritants, and/or pathogens, and so it begins the healing process. However, chronic inflammation indicates a prolonging or nagging problem affecting the entire body due to aforesaid pathogens or an overactive immune response (what I like to refer to as constant sympathetic state). The leading cause of chronic inflammation is actually due to the latter. Some symptoms of chronic inflammation may include pain or stiffness in the joints, redness, puffiness, elevated cholesterol, decreased mood and difficulty with weight loss or weight gain. Regularly promoting a more parasympathetic response in the body on a daily basis can highly benefit an issue of chronic inflammation and create a healthier environment for your metabolism.

Poor Sleep & Recovery have a significant affect on overall cortisol levels. Although it may seem unmanageable, you actually have control over your quality of sleep. I know those insomniacs out there are probably rolling their eyes at me right now! But as someone whose suffered tirelessly from insomnia, I’m here to tell you that it is tractable, without medication, and I will discuss a bit later. Poor sleep alone creates stress on not only our minds but our bodies as well. When humans experience what we call Sleep Debt, it will result in decreased cognitive function, increased cortisol production, increased risk for heart disease, diabetes and obesity, decreased metabolic rate, increased sugar cravings and increased hormone imbalance. And think about it, when we don’t sleep well, since our cognition is low, we’re much less likely to make healthy choices and exercise, which in turn will disrupt our sleep, completing the vicious cycle. So, how can we get hold of our sleep and recovery?

By creating a more parasympathetic response in our bodies throughout the day. In our nervous system we have two systems: the sympathetic and the parasympathetic system. The sympathetic system is linked to fight or flight and the parasympathetic system is linked to rest and digest also known as our recovery system. When we constantly live in our sympathetic system we are deliberately sabotaging our metabolism. So in order to cope with stress we need to perform more activities that promote a parasympathetic response in our body. This may include yoga, pilates, meditation, massage therapy, deep breathing techniques, light swimming, nature walks, and green tea, just to name a few. The simplest and most effective practice I’ve utilized is implementing a sleep routine into my schedule every night. An hour before bedtime I will shut off any form of electronic I have and engage in a relaxing sleep routine that works for me. For example, it can be a shower or bath with spa like music, followed by a moisturizing routine and some relaxing stretches and breathing techniques. When practiced regularly, these activities overtime will help boost the parasympathetic response in the body. As a result, this will improve ones sleep, circadian rhythm, mood, blood pressure, heart rate, inflammation, immune system, energy, metabolic functions, body composition, cognition and cellular development.

This idea of creating a more parasympathetic response in the body is the common solution in truly helping reboot your metabolism and cortisol levels. Whether your on a weight loss journey, a muscle gain journey or you just can’t seem to stabilize your energy levels, try implementing a parasympathetic activity into your daily routine.

Is Gluten Free the Answer? Or is it Something Else?

In my experience as a Nutrition Coach it still ceases to amaze me what a dramatic effect cutting out gluten/wheat can have on someones waistline, weight and overall health. Even if you aren’t sensitive, allergic or even believe in all the gluten hype, almost everyone can benefit from eliminating gluten from the diet.

Or is the fact of the matter just eliminating processed foods?  As soon as you remove gluten from your diet you’ve clearly removed most breads, cookies, pastas, cereals, almost all processed food. Gluten is really only evident in grains and grains are one of the most processed foods on the planet. It doesn’t matter if the loaf of bread you’re eating claims to be gluten free or organic, chances are that bread went through some extensive series of processing in order to make those claims.

Removing processed foods from your diet is one of the fastest and healthiest ways of losing weight! Period!

The reason most people have trouble losing weight or continue to steadily gain weight is because they are regularly consuming processed foods which hold no nutritional value and unnecessarily large caloric density. Processed foods also convert into sugar quickly in your system signaling your insulin to kick in and your fat burning mechanisms to shut off. Combine this with a sedentary lifestyle and you have an excellent environment for weight gain and risk for chronic disease.

If you are currently someone who lives off cereal, breads, crackers and pastas, then replacing wheat based products with whole real foods will transform your fitness and health. Steering away from processed foods and towards REAL, WHOLE FOODS will drastically increase energy, fat loss, improve hormone and organ function, improve body composition and so much more.

Now don’t be fooled, if you are switching from regular cookies to now , gluten free cookies, it will not improve your body composition or health in any way possible. Both are processed foods and fail to hold any real nutritional value. These alternatives are still loaded with added chemicals, sugars and preservatives which in turn, have a negative effect on your weight loss results. In fact most , gluten free baked goods can have a worse glycemic reaction(raise in blood sugar, spike in insulin, fat burning mechanisms shut off) than the foods you were replacing in the first place. They can still be high in sugar, calories and carbohydrates. So even though gluten has been eliminated, the food is still heavily processed and will not compliment your goals in terms of losing weight/fat and improved body composition. If you want to see real results, start eating REAL, WHOLE FOOD!

Motivation Doesn’t Exist! It’s All About Consistency.

Have you ever told yourself, I’m going to start my healthy lifestyle on Monday? And sure enough when Monday rolls around something in life happens that throws you even the slightest off your mindset and triggers you to say, I’ll start tomorrow. Before you know it its one week, one month, one year or maybe one decade later and you still have yet to get started on your healthy lifestyle.  On the other hand, maybe you did start on that Monday you planned and things are going great for about 10 days. That is until your friend invites you out for happy hour which causes a domino effect of binge eating and drinking for the next few days and now you can’t seem to snap yourself out of it.  You think to yourself, How do these other people do it? Eat healthy, go to the gym everyday? I just can’t stay motivated!

Well I’m about to let you in on a little secret.  Motivation doesn’t exist! – Well at least not when you need it that is.  Do you think that big buff guy you see at work all the time is motivated to go to the gym everyday? Absolutely not. Do you think I’m motivated to workout everyday? Definitely not!  There are days when I’d rather lay on my couch and veg out, I do it because I know I’ll be much more satisfied when I’m finished. I feel better once I’ve completed my workout, I feel better knowing I am closer to getting the body I’ve always wanted and more importantly I feel better that I’ve now earned my starchy carbs. Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoy working out, but I don’t enjoy it every time. You see if we always waited to feel motivated to go to the gym we would probably only workout once a month, if that.  And when was the last time you heard of anybody getting the results they wanted with working out once a month?

Now ask yourself this, What are some things you do in every everyday life that you don’t feel like doing?  Maybe it’s waking up for work in the morning, paying utility bills or cleaning the dishes.  So why do you do it? Well maybe you wake up for work in the morning because you need to make a living or enjoy buying new clothes, maybe you pay your bills because living without electricity would be pretty challenging, and maybe you clean the pile of dishes in the sink so you can enjoy eating with clean flatware and utensils.  The point that I’m trying to make is that you complete these tasks in your day to day life because you simply have to.  You know that the benefit of completing these tasks is necessary.  Regardless of whether you feel like doing it or not, you’re aware of the benefits and you just do it.  Believe it or not, exercise and healthy choices should be on that list.  Whether your goal is to lower your cholesterol, kick your diabetes, improve your energy or maybe regain your confidence and have the body you’ve always dreamt of, you’re never going to get there if

You can accomplish it all with one simple concept.  I stole this little trick from my girl Mel Robbins, it’s called the 5-Second Rule.  I started teaching it to all my clients and it has completely changed their mindset on exercise.  You simply count down 5-4-3-2-1 and before you can talk yourself out of going to the gym, you grab your gym bag and move. We know it’s good for us, we know it is the key to longevity,  and we know we’ll feel better afterwards.  Consistency is the key to getting into shape.  You don’t have to have a kickass workout every time you go, you just have to show up!

The hardest part is starting, once you’re there, its not so bad.

Keto? Vegan? Paleo? What Diet Should You Follow?

So throughout my experience as a nutrition coach I often get asked about my personal nutritional habits and certain diets that I follow.  Do I follow a vegetarian, vegan, paleo, Keto, Low Carb Diet, or any other popular diet regimens?  My answer is, No, I do not follow or believe in any of those. And let me verify my answer.  Throughout my blogs you’ll here me repeat this over and over again, EAT REAL, WHOLE FOOD!  So whether that falls under the category of a vegetarian based diet, a vegan based plan, Pescetarian diet, so be it. As long as you have a good reason as to why you’re following this diet, that’s all that matters.  So, if your choice in following a vegetarian/vegan diet are based on social or environmental perspectives, I completely understand and respect that decision. If you don’t believe in anything that is packaged in any way shape or form, I get it. If you predominately eat meat and can’t stomach the taste of vegetables, I completely understand, don’t worry we can sneak in the vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytochemicals, etc. another way.

However, if you heard that eliminating animal products is beneficial to your health and weight loss efforts because of X, Y, and Z, but you enjoy animal protein sources and love the convenience of real, complete proteins then why are you cutting it out?  Or if you are focusing your nutritional plan on eating a majority of meat products, but constantly feel sluggish, brain fog or irritable why are you cutting out carbs?  The point is that you understand why you’re following the diet or nutritional plan that you are currently following.

Truth is, there is not one right answer, not one size fits all when choosing the proper nutrition regimen for your needs.  There are many components that should factor into selecting the proper nutritional plan, such as, goals, body type, medical history/background, physical activity levels, and food sensitivities just to name a few.  Whether you’re eating a diet high in fat and animal products and low in vegetables, or low in fat and high in vegetables and other starchy vegetables both diets will result in a relatively healthy individual (not considering physical activity) with no increase in risk of stroke, cardiac disease, diabetes, obesity, etc.  So, how can that be?  Two completely different diets reaping the same health benefits?  The similarity and strong correlation between the two is that both diets revolve around REAL, WHOLE FOODS, not processed/packaged and artificially produced items.  Now, if you have a specific goal as far as body composition(specific body fat to lean muscle mass ratio) and aesthetic preference than yes, I would recommend specific macro portions combined with a specific exercise regimen.  But like I mentioned previously, if you want to lose weight, be a healthier version of yourself and feel better than any sticking to REAL, WHOLE FOODS is the only right choice for you, whatever combination that may be.

The All Mighty Multi Vitamin

Are you currently taking a multi vitamin? If so, why? Most people take multivitamins every morning simply because that’s what their doctor or nutritionist told them to do or maybe even their friends or family members suggested it’s good for their health.  If you’re not taking a multivitamin, I ask the same question, why? Most people will claim they eat perfectly healthy and don’t require a multi while others may be intimidated by the the array of options and stand clear.  Well, I’m here to clear up all concerning thoughts and questions around multi vitamins, how they can benefit you and how to ensure you are choosing your supplements wisely.

Let’s first discuss the reason why behind the multi! Over 80% of adults fail to eat the recommended daily serving of fruits and vegetables, that is 6-8 servings a day.  The nutrient density of our food supply has diminished drastically since the mid 1900’s resulting anywhere from 20 to even 80% lower in vitamin and mineral quantity and quality.  Those percentages are especially important for those who actually eat a textbook healthy diet.”  Even if you eat the exact amount of daily recommended foods, since the food quality has increasingly declined over the years, it is nearly impossible to not only consume, but absorb the sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals from our food supply nowadays.

If a doctor or nutritionist recommended you start a multi vitamin, did they recommend a specific brand or advise you on what to look for on the label?  The supplement world can be a very scary, slippery slope, containing fraudulent labels and even harmful ingredients.  It’s up to you to understand what you are looking for, make an educated decision and weed out the nonsense. For starters, the multi vitamin you are consuming should be a capsule.  If you are opposed to pills and have been consuming gummy vitamins, here is why you should stop immediately!

By switching to a multi that’s in a gummy format you are consuming cheap, poorly absorbed nutrient content where the minerals are virtually absent, contain artificial colors/flavors and added sugars,  comprised of gelatin which is poorly digested, and result in low dose formulas which physically cannot meet the needs of active individuals. Now, if taking pills is a challenge for you, not to worry! Simply break the capsule and pour its ingredients into a small glass of water and stir or mix into any food of choice.  With barely any flavor, it’s a much easier method for you to consume a credible source.

If you’ve been consuming tablet vitamins because they are cheaper in cost, here is why you should stop immediately!

There is a reason as to why they are less expensive than capsules, cheaper ingredients cost less!  These compressed tables require binders, fillers and even glues during the manufacturing process to bind the ingredients together which poses much more complication on absorbing the nutrients and on your digestive system.  Not to mention these tablets also come in much smaller dosages of vitamins and minerals.

With that being said, here’s why capsules are a far healthier, wiser choice.  Capsules are typically a well-tolerated vegetable base delivery which poses no harm on the digestive system and actually dissolves effortlessly in the stomach within just a few minutes upon consumption. Capsules allow pure, high quality vitamins and minerals to be packaged without containing any binders, fillers or glues and also accommodates high potency formulas for even the most elite athletes.  With the delivery system of a capsule, its simple to consume in its entirety or even pour ingredients into any food or beverages.

Now that you understand which form of multivitamin to get, here’s some quick tips on what to look out for when reading the labels.  Synthetic vitamins usually contain Vitamin B-6 as Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Folic acid instead of folate, Vitamin B-12 as Cyanocobalamin, oxides, carbonates, and/or mineral salts” within the Supplement Facts.  As far as the ingredients you can detect a synthetic vitamin by its unnecessary binders, fillers and glues that may be labeled as Magnesium Stearate, Polyethylene glycol, and/or lactose.  If you notice any synthetic colors such as FD & C, Brilliant Blue, etc., as well as artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, Sucralose, Ace-k, etc., stay away!  Because most of these words sound like vitamins and minerals, why would we question it, right? That is how consumers are tricked into purchasing unhealthy and even harmful substances.

Everyone and anyone needs a multivitamin for a magnitude of reasons.  You will require a multi vitamin if you exercises regularly, lack nutrient density in your diet (which we’ve discussed is everybody), are restricting calories, live a demanding lifestyle, take medications daily and/or drinks alcoholic beverages daily.  A multi vitamin will help fill in the nutrient gaps, improve general health, support immune function, enhanced stress resilience, promote healthy energy levels, support cognitive function and improve recovery.

To get your high quality multivitamins today, click here for women’s multivitamins, men’s multivitamins, or for high performance training multivitamins.