The Reason
I became a
Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Making & Breaking the Rules

Hello! I'm Samantha, and I'm going to teach you how to live a healthier, happier life, while eating the foods you love!

My Pillars for Healthy Living


all the foods you love
and still get results
That means —
No more restriction!


in a way that you love
and still get results
That means —
No more spending hours at the gym!


with total lifestyle
That means —
’24/7 support, accountability & guidance every step of the way'

The Simply Nutritious & Fit Cookbook

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The simple substitutions we make on a daily basis can drastically impact our weight loss efforts. This cookbook was designed to give you the tools you need to make cooking healthy, tasty, and simple! Download my cookbook and start losing weight today!

Simply Nutritious Testimonials

I had the good fortune of meeting Samantha about five months ago. Immediately I knew I was in good hands! Due to Samantha's positive reinforcement, wisdom and patience I have continued to commit to the chagnes and challenges she coaches. This is the first time I have enjoyed the fitness journey as much as the results! Samantha has changed and probably saved my life. I appreciate her genuine care and compassion in my evolving self-improvement! She is simply the best!

Helen E. 55 years old

I worked with Samantha after my hip surgery and a battle with inflamation and muscle imbalances. Samantha was very knoweleable about strengthening and supporting muscle groups to enable proper hip function. She patiently worked with me and pushed me to appropriate limits when i didn't think I was capabile of doing more. She made it possible for me to work around my injuries and limitaitons and still get incredible, quick restuls. Her nutritional counseling was invaluable in helping me recreate lean muscle mass.

Melany L. 37 years old

Samantha is the best! I started working with her last year to get me in shape for my wedding. She not only helped me with my fitness but also my nutrition! With her guidance and support I was not only wedding ready but have become generally more healthy, consistent, and fit! She really listens to my needs and motivates me to work harder.

Crystal G. 30 years old

Samantha is a very excellent, caring, and knowledgable trainer. She gives great nutrition advice and meal options to those of who find eating well almost impossible. She has also been very patient and understanging while I go through the difficult time of quitting smoking by offering healthy food and activity substitutions. I feel extremely fortunate to have Samantha in my life and know with her by my side I'll continue to not only meet my nutrition goals, but surpass them. Thanks Sam!!

Crystal M. 36 years old

Top 10 Reasons To Join Me

Now is the time!
  • Clients notice a significant difference in how they look and feel within the first week of starting the program.
  • To learn how to incorporate all the foods you love on a daily basis without the guilt trip.
  • Increase your energy, focus and overall cognition during the day.
  • You want to end the trial and error, the confusion, the frustration with your fitness journey.
  • You want to be more efficient with your gym time.
  • 24/7 support to help you strategize and overcome life obstacles right as they’re happening.
  • Learn how to lose weight, lose fat or just get healthy in a way that fits your lifestyle, not the other way around.
  • Learn a healthy, balanced relationship with food.
  • With all the information provided in this program, you’ll never need to hire another trainer/coach ever again.
  • I truly care about each and every one of my clients and devote all of my energy in providing the proper guidance, support and encouragement they need to succeed.

Success Story

30 Year old Taylor
"I love working out with Sam. She really pushes me to get my form perfect because she knows that I can. She is so knowledgeable about both food and exercise. She encourages me every time to keep up (or get back into) good eating habits. She has given me the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle even with being super busy teaching and coaching! I would highly recommend Sam if you are looking for help with nutrition or exercise!"

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